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In the interest of public safety, energy producers are required by their respective Provincial and Federal government regulators to create and maintain Emergency Response Plans and Public Awareness Programs.

These highly detailed plans indicate Emergency Planning Zones and specific information including:

Our team of experienced Stakeholder Engagement Specialists collect GIS data and contact residents and businesses within Emergency Planning Zones. The focus of our stakeholder engagement process is to inform and gather information in a courteous, respectful and confidential manner.

GIS Mapping

An accurate emergency response map starts in the field with efficient groundtruthing.

Stakeholder Engagement

We take pride in explaining projects and ensuring all questions are answered prior to collecting confidential information in a respectful and courteous manner.


The Team

The team at Optick Data & Mapping are professionals. We are knowledgeable about the emergency response planning process, adept at groundtruthing and courteous and thorough when conducting stakeholder engagement consultations. We are trained to recognize potential hazards and have developed procedures and communication protocols to ensure safety while working in the field.

A Complyworks approved contractor based in Red Deer, Alberta; our areas of experience include sour pipelines, sour facilities, HVP pipelines and drilling programs. All field team members have current tickets and observe the safety protocols necessary in our industry.

Denver Robertson

Denver has more than 32 years of field experience. His areas of expertise include training, resident communications and public safety.


Kathleen Primrose

Kathleen co-ordinates resident telephone updates with industry knowledge that comes from 5 years of public safety related duties. Kathleen has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Victoria.


Neil Campbell

Neil has over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. His extensive operations background provides the technical knowledge needed for accurate mapping and project management.


Barb Boutin

Administrative duties are Barb's responsibility. She has a Business Administration diploma from NAIT and several years of experience working for oil and gas companies in administrative roles.


Erin Emerson Maddox

Erin has over 8 years of experience in emergency response and public consultations, covering sites all over Western Canada. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary.


Debby Massner

Debby has over 25 years of management, safety and emergency response experience primarily in resident consultations. A Commissioner of Oaths, Debby has a Business Administration Certificate from Fairview College.


Doris Maron

Doris has 10 years of oilfield emergency response experience and over 20 years financial services experience. Doris is a real adventurer and has written a book about her extensive travels around the world.


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